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W14_AP_MARR for Toll Road Business in Indonesia

Problem Definition For W14 blog posting, I used the same concept for the previous blog[1] but for other sector, in this case toll road business. In Indonesia, toll road business started in Jagorawi section by Jasa Marga at the year … Continue reading

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W13_AP_Base Camp Upgrading Plan

Problem Definition My management this year has a plan for base camp improvement since the camp structure already close to their useful lime time limit. They have to select the best alternative instead keeping the current refurbishment strategy every year and … Continue reading

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W12_AP_Quarry Schedule-CPM

Problem Definition I had an assignment from my Management to assess the schedule produced by our consultant, Egis France for quarry package. In our site there are three locations for quarries named: quarry “A”, quarry “B” and quarry “C”. According … Continue reading

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W11_AP_Earthwork Plant Bidding Evaluation

Problem Definition Mid of last year, my company did many bidding processes for the process plant facilities. One of this bidding was for the earthwork (E/W) plant area as the main facility for processing ore. The problem we have is … Continue reading

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W10_AP_MARR for Coal Mining Business in Indonesia

Problem Definition Minimum Attractive Rate of Return (MARR) is the backbone of investment decision from Company Board Management or Financial Manager perspective. MARR or “hurdle rate” according to reference[1] always taken higher than Weighing Average of Cost Capital (WACC). It … Continue reading

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W9_AP_Indonesia Inflation Rate Simulation Using Gold Value Approach

Problem Definition The common way to measure inflation rate is using Consumer Price Index (CPI) obtained from institution survey data[1]. I had the information of inflation rate from CPI index for my case study in blog W8, and had comment … Continue reading

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W8_AP_Retirement Plan With Gold Value Approach

Problem Definition My previous concept for retirement plan presented in blog W7 had several comments from DR Paul as my mentor, and all of them are enriching my knowledge and I need to re-visit this plan in this blog using … Continue reading

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