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W4_HWB_MARR and WACC 1. Problem Definition In this W4 blog I will give an explanation of how to determine MARR (minimum attractive rate of return) with the method of WACC (weighted average cost of capital). From the same case on … Continue reading

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W3_HWB_IRR and Payback Period

1. Problem Definition Using the description of the problem on my W2 last week’s blog, this time I will try to analyze economies with other methods. Capital of Rp. 350 million (15% bank interest rate per year) and operating costs … Continue reading

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1.   Problem Definition One day, a friend offered to invest in purchasing CNG tubes for rent. fixed price rental contracts worth Rp. 15 million per month for 3 years and can be extended if it is still needed. The tubes … Continue reading

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W1.1_HWB_Tuckman Analysis

1. Problem Definition AACE certification project team has been formed with the name Mercure_AACE_2013 in the five days in classroom 14 to 18 January 2013. The position now is entering the end of the week one of the long-distance class … Continue reading

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