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W6_ADE_Comparison and Selection among Alternatives

1) Problem definition Company will be build the Water Disposal Facility in 2014 and have two options to install the flowlines. Two options are install the flowline uses Fiber-Reinforced Pipe (FRP) and Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe (RTP). By technical evaluation both … Continue reading

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W4_ADE_Determine WACC and MARR from Financial Data

1) Problem definition PT. ConocoPhillip Indonesia (COPI) have two project options to deliver the gas from Central Processing Gas Plant to Buyer Gas Station. The options are build the Gas Pipeline as CAPEX or OPEX.  The best option will be … Continue reading

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W3_ADE_Project Evaluation of Gas Pipeline

1) Problem definition PT. “A” had just completed built the Gas Processing Plant. The Gas Processing Plant built for sell the gas for PT. “B” with contract duration from 2015 until 2022. In the Gas Sales Agreement is mentioned that … Continue reading

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