Dear All my friends which follow this blog,

Currently I’m in rush to prepare my exam for CCP/CCE/CCEC AACE certification.

My plan is to sit for exam best case in first week of September 2013, most likely second week of September 2013, worst case third week of September 2013. So wish me luck to pass 😀 and become certified professional.

Actually I have created raw material to be published for mercure aace 2013 blog but not finish yet. Its about organizational behaviour  from Bruce Tuckman, and deeper concept scheduling in project management.

So I will update to you all when “hopefully” pass the exam successfully. I will still maintain and posting the blog for you all to learn.

Bottom line

Don’t worry the blog still alive and will be posted regularly after I took exam in September 2013. Currently I’m in big hurry in rush to exam preparation as my first priority.

Warm Regards

Delano Irawadi

Project Control Professional


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1 Response to Announcement

  1. drpdg says:

    Best of luck to you, Pak Delano!!!! Eli? Who else?

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